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 What Courthouse Records Hold & Why An Experienced Researcher is Needed

 Often families are interested in having copies of the original  documents for their family records, rather than the
 indexing of an event (birth, marriage, death) that can be found online. Other times finding an original document
 might solve a family mystery.

 For example if your ancestor disappeared from the census after 1870 or 1880, the answer might be found in
 these records:

 Divorces - These were recorded in the Court Dockets from the time Fremont County was established in 1851.
 The court record normally told why the parties divorced, their current whereabouts and who had custody of any children.

 Deed Records/Estate Transfers - If your ancestor owned real estate, the final deed shows if they were living at the time
 the  property was sold or if it was transferred through their estate. Also shows whether a spouse was still living that
 signed off on the  final deed.

 Adoptions - It is sometimes possible to find a court record of the event in the late 1800ís to early 1900ís, prior to the
 records  being sealed. Finding this kind of record usually answers questions families have had for many years.

 Upon completion of my research, all clients receive a written report of my findings, along with any relevant copies of
 documents  and pictures.

 Keep in mind that historical and genealogy research findings are unpredictable so no guarantees can be made.
 Sometimes there is no record available to answer the question you are seeking. If your ancestor lived in this area, it is
 rare that no record of them here can be found at all, but it can happen. Often the research here that rules out possibilities
 is necessary before continuing on with  your searching. 

  Documents Type Page    This page contains images of the types of documents and other resources to which I have

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